Collective switching

How Collective Switching Works

Collective switching is actually a very simple concept. It is when a large group of consumers come together and use their collective bargaining power to negotiate better deals from energy suppliers.

The more people that sign up for a collective switch, the more bargaining power they have. And that means the cheaper the electricity and gas they can get.

The Big Deal has been doing collective switching for several years. We now have over 350,000 members and have saved them a total of £15 million. That's a huge amount of purchasing power.

But our work isn't done - lots of people are still paying way too much for their energy bills. Some people are reluctant to switch suppliers because they don't have the time to compare tariffs or worry that a new supplier could mean problems. Collective switching with the Big Deal makes it easy to switch and ensures that everyone gets a better deal on energy.

  • You Register

    You and thousands of others sign up and become Big Deal members, it’s totally FREE and there’s no obligation to switch.

  • We negotiate

    We use our immense purchasing power to negotiate a great deal with energy suppliers.

  • You Decide

    We put the deal to you - and you decide if you want to take it. Switching takes just minutes and you could save hundreds of pounds.

So how much could I save?

You'll be amazed. Every time that someone goes from a supplier's best deal to their worst deal, they end up paying about £200 more per year.

All for EXACTLY the same service. EXACTLY the same product.

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This page busts some myths. We hope it helps you switch with peace of mind.

Q. Could my power supply be temporarily cut off?
A. There will be no interruption to your electricity or gas supply. The only change is that you will be paying less for your energy. Which is nice.
Q. Can I switch even if I don't own the property?
A. If you pay the bills, you can switch your energy supplier, it doesn't matter whether you own your home or rent it.
Q. Will I be charged twice for my energy during the handover period?
A. You will NEVER be double charged. There's a 'go-live' date; your old supplier bills for energy used before; your new supplier bills for energy used after.
Q. Do cheaper energy suppliers have the worst service?
A. There’s almost no connection between service levels and price. In fact, some of the cheapest suppliers have the best official service ratings.
Q. Should I stay on a standard variable tariff so I benefit from possible price cuts?
A. Most standard variable tariffs are so expensive there’s almost no chance they will ever be cheaper than the cheapest fixed price deals.