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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Switching | The Big Deal

The Big Deal's tariff is the lowest price two year energy deal in the UK. Just add your email address to our website, and we'll send you the deal. This is our guide to switching online.

Important: your switch is not confirmed until the very last (seventh) page.

So don't worry, you can get a full quote with unit rates and standing charges without having to switch.

When you click the link above you're taken to The Big Deal tariff page. Hit "switch and save" to get started.

The first page asks you to fill in:

Whether you want to switch to gas, or electricity or both.
How you'll pay - direct debit with e-bills is cheapest, but the choice is yours!
Your postcode and address.

The second page is all about your current supplier. All this information is on your bill:

Which company supplies your energy now, and what tariff you're on. How much you pay or how much power you use, for both gas and electricity.

The third page tells you the unit rates and standing charges for this tariff. These vary depending on your area, so the site uses your postcode to calculate the figures.

The fourth page gives you a personal quote showing how much you'll save if you switch.

The fifth page asks for your payment details and other account information.

You can choose fixed or variable direct debit payments. If you go for fixed, you should set it to 1/12th of your quoted bill (from the page before).

Sixth page - review all your details.

The seventh and final page is the actual confirmation page. Only when you click "accept" will the switch be confirmed. You can exit before this with no obligation.

And that's it!

The whole thing should take less than 10 minutes start to finish.

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