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The Big Deal is one year old!

Don't worry - we're not expecting belated energy themed cards. Instead we're celebrating by continuing to save you money. And helping ourselves to cake of course!

What have we achieved?

In just one year:

  • We've taken on the Big Five price comparison websites - exposing their dodgy practices. Who'd have thought they were hiding the best deals, eh?
  • We've brought you three market-beating energy deals, better than anything on those comparison sites - two in partnership with The Sun.
  • We've made you one solemn commitment - to keep you on a great deal for as long as possible,

But we're not done yet.

Not while the energy fatcats and murky meerkats continue to line their pockets with your hard earned cash.


We won't rest until no-one is paying over the odds for their energy. 60% of UK households have never switched, meaning they're over paying by £3.4 billion or £235 each. These are your friends and family.

Figures like that make it difficult for us at The Big Deal to sleep at night. We've saved our members nearly £5 million pounds, but that's just a drop in the ocean.

By working together with our members we can save millions, even billions, more.

And remember...

We don't just bring you a deal and then abandon you. The Big Deal is an ongoing service. So when your deal expires we'll come back with another mind bending-bargain.

What next?

Another incredible deal, of course! Launching next week.

  • If you haven't switched before, watch out. It could save you hundreds of pounds.
  • If you have, tell your friends, family and people on the street. They'll thank you for it and deserve to save as much as you.

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