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New “Tell A Friend” £5 reward scheme launches | The Big Deal

We're giving you £5 for every person you refer to The Big Deal. What's more, we'll give them £5 too!

Today (Friday 2nd May 2014) The Big Deal launches a new "Tell A Friend" £5 referral scheme. So now you've got even more reason to tell your friends about The Big Deal.

Everyone's talking about energy prices. We're actually doing something about it.

We bargain on behalf of our 10,000+ members to bring them the best deal on the market - it's all about people power.

♦ You could save £250 (even more if you've never switched!) and with zero hassle.

♦ Membership is free, signup takes one minute and there is no obligation to switch.

♦ If a new member is your friend, they're our friend, so we'll give them a fiver too.

"Five pounds, eh? So what happens if I get five people in on The Big Deal?"

If all five switch, you get £25. Even better, you'll have notched up a fiver for all your friends.

This deal is unlimited. 10 friends means £50. 20 friends mean £100. How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many people are in your office? Spread the word.

"Blimey. So what do I do? How should I get my friends and family in on this?"

When you sign up to The Big Deal you receive a personalised link.

You can post that link on Facebook, Twitter, on a blog or wherever you want.

As long as your friends come via your link, we know that they were referred by you.

"What else do we need to do once we've signed up?"

You just need to switch onto the deal we bring you. So does your friend. We're expecting that deal to be an absolute bargain, so why wouldn't you?

"Roger that. How do I get the money?"

Cheque in the post.

"Nice. So when do I get the money?"

Here's how it works. We'll bring you a deal around the end of May. You'll have three weeks to switch. And once you and your friends have switched, we'll send you the cheque.

"Does this offer last forever?

Alas, nothing good lasts forever. And this offer expires at midnight on Sunday 18th May. Your friends will need to sign up before then.

"Is there anything more I need to know?"

We think we've covered everything. But full terms and conditions are set out at

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