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Frequently Asked Questions | The Big Deal

Read our FAQs for our summer switch with Green Star Energy below.

What is the deal?

This is a 2 year fixed term tariff supplied by Green Star Energy. It will cost the average household £1055 a year (based on medium consumption), which is £291 a year cheaper than Ofgem's estimate of the average bill. It also protects you against price rises for the next two years. It is exclusive to Big Deal members - you won't find it on any price comparison sites - and at least £20 cheaper over two years than any other 2 year fixed tariff.

Who is Green Star Energy?

Green Star Energy is a fast-growing independent supplier which joined the British energy market last year. As an independent supplier, it is small and agile enough to offer extremely competitive prices and personalised customer service with a UK-based call centre. But it is also part of a much larger company, the Just Energy Group, a Toronto based North American supplier which provides gas and electricity to over 1.8 million customers in Canada and the U.S.A. This backing from Just Energy Group, which recently reported annual revenues of $3.6bn, provides financial security. Green Star's sister company, Hudson Energy, has been serving thousands of business customers up and down the UK for the past two years.

Is this deal unique? Is it the cheapest deal on the market?

Yes and yes. This deal is only available to Big Deal members, and it is cheaper than any other two year tariff on the market. Since this protects you from price rises for the next two winters, the combined immediate and predicted savings make this the cheapest deal currently available on the market.

Why did you negotiate a two-year deal?

A two year deal offers the best value and peace of mind, because it protects you from price increases for the next two winters. This is important because The Big Six energy companies have raised prices by an average of 8% every winter for the past three years. Energy UK, the lobbying group for the Big Six energy suppliers, estimates that energy bills will rise by £95 a year for the next six years. Our offer also saves you the stress and hassle of constantly switching supplier.

What do I need to do once I decide to switch? Should I contact my old supplier?

All you need to do is follow the link in your email and enter your details. After that, it's all taken care of - there's no need for you to contact your old supplier.

I am on a fixed-term contract with another supplier. Can I switch?

Yes - you can always leave your contract. You may incur exit fees (usually about £30 per fuel) which you should check with your supplier, but since our tariff is cheaper than any other 2 year deal on the market (with an average saving of £291 a year) it may still be cheaper for you to switch. You can enter your details on the Green Star website to get a personalised energy comparison.

I only recently switched - can I take your deal?

Yes - if you switched less than 14 days ago, then you are within the "cooling-off" period and you can switch without incurring exit fees. If it has been longer than that, then you may well incur exit fees if you're on a fixed-term tariff (usually about £30 per fuel) which you should check with your supplier, but The Big Deal's tariff is so low that it may well be cheaper to switch.

My current tariff is about to end. Can I still switch?

Yes. Once your current plan ends, you will most likely be moved onto a standard tariff which you can immediately terminate as it will have no exit fees.

I rent my home, can I switch to this deal?

Yes, if you pay the bill directly then you can switch your energy supplier.

I'm worried that my power will run out during the changeover - can this happen?

No, there will be no interruption to your electricity or gas supply.

Does it matter where I live?

No - this deal is available to everyone in Great Britain, wherever you live.

I've changed my mind and I don't want to switch. What do I do?

No problem - no one has to switch if they don't want to. If you'd like to unsubscribe from our newsletters, click the link at the bottom of the email.

I own a small business, can I switch to this deal?

Unfortunately, The Big Deal is currently only open to domestic households.

I'm in debt to my supplier, can I switch?

Yes. If you've owed your current debt for fewer than 28 days, you will be able to switch. If you've owed your current debt for more than 28 days, then you still might be able to switch - you should continue with the process and your supplier will confirm whether or not you can switch.

I only want to switch my gas or electricity supplier, not both - can I switch?

Yes, this deal is available to both single fuel and dual fuel customers. You'll save more money if you switch both fuels, but the choice is yours. Just specify which option you would like to take when you switch.

I currently pay by direct debit, but I would like to change to paying when I receive the bill. Is this possible?

Yes, it's up to you whether you pay by direct debit or when you receive the bill. We do recommend direct debit as it is cheaper.

Who can I contact if something goes wrong during the switch?

Green Star Energy will be in the best position to help you, and you can contact them on 0800 012 4510 or 033 0088 1619. Of course, you can always call us on 0203 463 0820.

Will an engineer visit my house to change the meter, cables and other equipment?

No, no one will have to visit your house or change any equipment at all.

I'm worried that I'll be charged twice for my energy during the handover period - is this possible?

No, you will never be double charged for your energy. Green Star Energy will arrange a "go live" date with your old supplier, at which point the billing will change hands.

Will I be charged a termination fee if I want to leave this deal?

If you change your mind and decide to leave during the cool down period (within 14 days after switching) you will not be charged. After that, and in line with other two year tariffs, you will be charged £30 per fuel in exit fees if you wish to switch your supplier before the end of the contract.

Will you make money when I switch?

Yes, we will take a small commission from Green Star Energy for every person that switches. This model is the same as switching sites - although while they make around £70 per customer, our commission is just £30 (£15 per fuel). Our most important concern is saving you money.

This commission will cover our running costs as well as financing future consumer campaigns.

I pay using a prepayment meter. Can I switch to this deal?

Unfortunately, this deal is not available to those on a prepayment meter. You can switch if you're able to move to paying by direct debit or on receipt of the bill.

Will I get a discount for paying by direct debit/online/dual fuel?

Yes. There is a direct debit discount of £33.60 per year for gas and £33.60 per year for electricity included in your standing charge. There is also an online discount of £5.25 per fuel per year, and a discount of £15.75 per year if you switch to Dual Fuel.

What happens when I reach the end of my two-year contract?

You will be notified when your tariff is coming to an end. You can then switch to another tariff - either with Green Star Energy or another supplier - without incurring exit fees. If you'd like, The Big Deal can help you find another market-leading tariff. If you do not switch at this point, you will automatically be moved onto Green Star Energy's lowest Variable Rate tariff - currently one of the cheapest on the market - which you can leave at any time.

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