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FAQs for 38 Degrees tariff, with Places for People Energy

Here we try and answer any questions you might have about our new market-beating dual fuel and electricity only energy tariff, with 38 Degrees.

What is the deal?

This is a one-year and seven month fixed term tariff supplied by Places for People Energy, lasting till 30th September 2017. It will cost the average dual fuel household £727 over a period of 12 months (based on medium consumption across all the regions).

The deal is only available to dual fuel and electricity only customers including Economy 7 (customers must highlight they are Economy 7 during application journey).

It is only available to pay by direct debit and paperless billing.

Note too that there will be a fee if you want to exit the deal early. It's such a good deal we'd be surprised if you wanted to leave at all. However, if you do, there is a termination fee of £30 per fuel. That's about standard.

The tariff is available until midnight on Monday 14th March.

What if I want to speak to someone or have some problems with my switch?

If you want to talk to someone or are having any issues with your switch please call the Big Deal on 020 3468 0467 and we'll aim to get any problems resolved and answer any questions you have.

Please note that you can't take this deal by going to Places for People Energy directly and it isn't available on any price comparison websites at all.

Who are Places for People Energy?

Places for People Energy are a new entrant to the UK energy market. They don't just supply energy. They also manage over 140,000 homes, run 113 leisure centres and support hundreds of thousands of people across the UK.

They have no shareholders, so instead they invest any money they make into a range of social causes.

That sounds great, how do I take the deal?

The process is very easy and should take just five minutes.

  • If you've signed up already you'll be notified by email when the deal launches.
  • In that email, you'll be given a link to the winning deal.
  • To have a look at the deal - again, you are never obliged to switch - just enter some basic details about you such as your postcode and some info about your energy usage. You'll then be given a personalised quote for the tariff, plus your projected saving.
  • You then decide whether to switch to our exclusive deal or to stay with your current company. If you go for it then all you need to do is add your direct debit details into the site and you're all set.
  • Places for People Energy will then contact your existing supplier and request to transfer you account. Assuming there are no problems, this should take about two to four weeks.

Please note that you can't take this deal by going to Places for People Energy directly and it isn't available on any price comparison websites at all.

Are you sure this deal is right for me?

During the process of taking the deal, you'll be able to compare it to everything else in the market. This is what is known as a 'whole of market' comparison. That way you can tell if for your usage levels and your region of the country it is the best deal for you. If it isn't it will be clearly be shown and you can take another deal if you'd rather.

At medium usage, compared to many Big 6 standard direct debit standard variable tariffs you could save as much as £357.

How much you will save depends on how much energy you use. You'll find out exactly how much you will save before deciding whether to switch. And the whole of market comparison will also show you if there is another deal that is better given the amount of energy you use.

What about Warm Home Discount?

Unfortunately, Places for People Energy does not offer the Warm Home Discount.

Can you give me the exact prices - unit rates etc?

We sure can. We love the details as much you do! Here is a table with unit rates in every region. These prices include VAT at 5%. If you don't know your region don't worry, when you enter your postcode into our website it is automatically detected.

What if I decide I no longer want the deal?

Don't worry at all - there is a 14 day cooling off period from the day you apply. So you can cancel during that period if you wish to.

I am on a fixed-term contract with another supplier. Can I switch?

Yes - you can always leave your contract.

If you're within 49 days of the end of your fixed term contract with exit fees you can switch WITHOUT having to pay any exit fees.

If before then, you may incur exit fees (usually about £30 per fuel) which you should check with your supplier.

 It may still be worth switching given how cheap our deal is.

I only recently switched - can I take your deal?

Yes - if you switched less than 14 days ago, then you are within the "cooling-off" period and you can switch without incurring exit fees. You will have to cancel your previous switch first, though!

If it has been longer than that, then you may well incur exit fees if you're on a fixed-term tariff (usually about £30 per fuel) which you should check with your supplier. The Big Deal's tariff is so low that it may well be cheaper to switch even with exit fees.

My current tariff is about to end. Can I still switch?

Yes. Once your current plan ends, you will most likely be moved onto a standard tariff which you can immediately terminate as it will have no exit fees.

 In fact, you can terminate it at no cost to yourself - no exit fees - anytime 49 days before it ends.

I rent my home, can I switch to this deal?

Yes, if you pay the bill directly then you can always switch your energy supplier. But it's always a good idea to let your landlord know you've switched.

I'm worried that my power will run out during the changeover - can this happen?

No! There will be no interruption to your electricity or gas supply.

Does it matter where I live?

This deal is available in England, Scotland and Wales. The cost of the deal does depend on the region of the country you live in. Hence, why you get a whole of market comparison before you decide whether to switch which tells you exactly how much you will personally save.

Unfortunately, the deal is not available for customers in Northern Ireland.

I own a small business, can I switch to this deal?

Unfortunately, the Big Deal is currently only open to domestic households.

I only want to switch my gas or electricity supplier, not both - can I switch?

This special deal is available for electricity only as well as dual fuel customers. So if you want to switch only your electricity that's fine too, but you can't switch only your gas.

Who can I contact if I have any issues?

Once your switch is complete and you are on supply with Places for People Energy then you should speak to them if you have any issues: 01772 897355 (open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday).

Note - Do not call Places for People Energy in order to take this deal, they will not be able to offer it over the phone as this deal is available exclusively through the Big Deal.

Will an engineer visit my house to change the meter, cables, and other equipment?

No, no one will have to visit your house or change any equipment at all.

Will I be charged a termination fee if I want to leave this deal?

If you change your mind and decide to leave during the cool down period (within 14 days after switching) you will not be charged. After that, and in line with other tariffs, you will be charged £30 per fuel in exit fees if you wish to switch your supplier before the end of the contract.

Will the Big Deal make money when I switch?

Yes. We believe in transparency and our members have a right to know how much we make per switch. The Big Deal will be taking £20 per fuel (£40 for a dual fuel switch) in commission from Places for People Energy for each of our members who switches.

If you decide that you don't like our special tariff but still switch with us to another tariff, then we will receive £15.50 per fuel (£31 for a dual fuel switch) in commission.

I'm already a Places for People Energy customer. Can I take the deal?

Yes. Existing Places for People Energy customers can take the deal and you won't have to pay exit fees to do so.

I pay using a prepayment meter. Can I switch to this deal?

Unfortunately, this deal is not available to those on a prepayment meter. But you can still see all the prepayment meter deals in the market and we're confident some of them will save you money.

Is this a clean energy deal?

No, the energy supplied to you by Places for People Energy will be a mix of clean and non-clean. However, we also have a market-beating clean deal from LoCO2 Energy. This includes 100% renewable electricity as standard.

When you are shown all the deals in the market before the switch, you'll also given a quote for the LoCO2 Energy tariff.

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