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The Big Deal uses people power of 400,000 members to take on the Big Six and create great exclusive deals.

What is collective switching? | The Big Deal

It's a bit of a mouthful, but the concept is simple. If consumers form a big group, they can get a better deal. The more people join, the more bargaining power they have.

And we now have over 400,000 members! You don't even have to do any work, because we do the bargaining for you.

It's free and there are zero obligations. We bring you the deal and you can decide if you want to take it or not.

It's all about people power taking on the Big Six!

Avg saving with last campaign
We saved the British public over
£12 million

Who we are

The Big Deal was founded by two friends who could never get round to changing their energy provider. So they vowed to do it together and see if they could get a better deal. Then they decided to invite everyone else to get in on the act.

Will is an award-winning tech entrepreneur with a background in consumer issues. Working for Ethical Consumer, he delivered innovative research for Consumer Focus, Consumer International and Co-operative Food amongst others.

Henry has worked in Government and the private sector. Until December 2013 he worked in the Department for Education. Before that he did communications and campaigns for people ranging from Tesco to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

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What's next for the Big Deal

Today the Big Deal has over 400,000 members and our people power is greater than ever.

We've even started doing collective bargaining campaigns on broadband saving thousands of people hundreds of pounds on their internet.

But we're also working on a brand new and exciting project called Look After My Bills. We found that people often get a great deal on their energy via the Big Deal but once that deal ends they forget to switch again and end up paying more. That's not right.

So we built our new Look After My Bills service to ensure you never overpay again. Sign up once and we get you a great deal and when that ends we'll go get you another great deal. Always on a great deal forever.

Sounds good? Check it out at www.lookaftermybills.com.

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